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Gun Alert Service Plan TRACKING SERVICE

Gun Alert Service Plan TRACKING SERVICE

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Peace of Mind for Gun Owners

GunAlert is sensitive enough to send an alert to your phone the second your gun is moved and our patented technology will assist in recovering your gun. 

  • Alerts you with any unauthorized movement.
  • Location updates every 5 minutes until your gun is recovered.
  • Your data is private, never stored on our servers!
  • Track multiple guns with one GunAlert device.
  • Easy to set up and use with our mobile app.

Check Out These Use Cases

Support From Law Enforcement

“During my extensive career, I unfortunately witnessed many tragic gun related incidents resulting in serious injury and death, that very likely could have been prevented had there been a real-time alert sent to the gun owner that their firearm had been moved or stolen without their knowledge.

The Level 2 Security Gun Alert provides such a notification along with subsequent GPS locations to locate and recover your firearm. This will save lives, I have tested it and it works." Retired Law Enforcement Captain Scott M.

  • No Contract Service Plan

    Like a smart phone, My Gun Alert requires a data plan for connectivity to update its location on a map. This data plan includes your account on the Monitoring Portal, Locator App and alert notifications sent to you.