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If It Moves.. Service Plan TRACKING SERVICE

If It Moves.. Service Plan TRACKING SERVICE

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Game-Changing Security

Simply attach or connect the “If It Moves…™” device to the item you’d like to monitor. Using the app, enable security with the touch of a button and your protection is in place. Once enabled, you will receive instant alerts for the slightest of motion detection and location breach. 

Then, If It Moves…™ will locate your items using GPS technology, so you can track it down fast!

track your gear, vehicles and equipment

Why If It Moves...?

  • Monitor all unauthorized movement of your items in one app
  • Track and locate items in real time using motion detection and GPS
  • Receive alerts as soon as motion is detected
  • Your data is entirely private- encrypted data is stored on your phone - never on a server!
  • No Contract Service Plan

    Like a smart phone, If It Moves…™ requires a data plan for connectivity to update its location on a map. This data plan includes your account on the Monitoring Portal, Locator App and alert notifications sent to you.