GPS SmartSole Featured in Sweden's MedTech Magazine

GPS SmartSole Featured in Sweden's MedTech Magazine


This sole provides security when memory begins to fail

| By Lisa von Garrelts 

A discreet GPS alarm in the form of a sole that you have in your regular shoes. So, the solution can look when, for the sake of security, a little help is needed on the stack.


The smart sole from Posifone, GPS Smartsole, is a GPS alarm placed in the shoes. It is activated when the user touches the shoe and notifies relatives, staff or an alarm center if the user passes outside a predetermined security area. The sole is a discrete set of providing tracking capabilities and facilitates the one who easily forgets, or does not want to wear a phone, a wrist or a pocket device.

For caregivers and relatives of a person with dementia symptoms who sometimes find it difficult to locate, it is a mutual security to be able to be aware of whether the person moves outside a predetermined area of ​​safety, for example their usual walking paths. If the person does not have insight when it may be good to ask for help, there is the possibility for authorized persons to locate the person remotely on occasion.

With the GPS unit in the sole, the user does not carry any visible alarm that can disturb or be removed. If the shoes are used, it will always be included. The only thing that has to be done is to put the sole in the shoe again when it has been loaded.

The GPS alarm is always switched on with the energy saving mode for long battery life. Charging takes place wirelessly, the sole is only placed on the charger. When inactivity, it goes into sleep mode and as soon as the unit is moved it is activated and resumes localization. The sole has all the electronics encapsulated in the sole. It can read direction changes and acceleration, and take positions at the right times. The unit is waterproof and made to withstand all the environments that shoes are usually exposed to.

Battery life can last up to 2 weeks or 30 hours of activity. Walking one to two hours a day keeps the battery about one to two weeks.

The company Posifon also manufactures other types of GPS solutions in the form of various wristwatch-like devices.

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